Aela Trickfoot

An excitable druid with great determination


Full name: Rowena Aela Tianztlina Chalcedony Aldine Trickfoot
Race: Gnome
Class: Druid
Alignment: NG

Str: 10
Dex: 12
Con: 11
Int: 15
Wis: 17
Cha: 13

HP: 51
AC: 14 (18 against Large creatures)

Fort: 7
Ref: 4
Will: 10 (14 against fey)

Special Abilities

  • Low-light vision
  • Speak with animals (burrowing mammals) 1/day
  • Dancing Lights 1/day
  • Prestidigitation 1/day
  • Ghost sound 1/day
  • Nature Sense
  • Wild Empathy
  • Woodland Stride
  • Trackless Step
  • Resist Nature’s Lure
  • Wild Shape 4/day
  • Venom Immunity


  • Natural Spell
  • Speaking Wild Shape
  • Reach Spell
  • Eschew Materials

Languages: Common, Gnome, Druidic, Olman, Sylvan


  • Periapt of Wisdom
  • Leather Armor
  • Spring-loaded Wrist Sheaths (AWWW YEAHHH!!!)
  • +2 Holy Dagger
  • +1 Keen Dagger
  • Explorer’s Outfit
  • Thieves’ Tools (wouldn’t be her great-grandmother’s great-granddaughter without them)
  • Spell Component Pouch
  • Spyglass
  • Tent
  • Waterskin
  • Silk Rope
  • Piton
  • Bull’s-Eye Lantern
  • Hammer
  • Grappling Hook
  • Flint and Steel
  • Winter Blanket
  • Bedroll
  • Backpack


  • Acrobatics: +5
  • Appraise: +2
  • Bluff: +1
  • Climb: 0
  • Concentration: +5
  • Craft (Alchemy): +4
  • Diplomacy: +3
  • Disguise: +1
  • Escape Artist: +1
  • Forgery: +2
  • Gather Information: +1
  • Handle Animal: +11
  • Heal: +7
  • Intimidate: +1
  • Knowledge (geography): +4
  • Knowledge (nature): +12
  • Knowledge (nobility): +3
  • Knowledge (religion): +5
  • Perception: +12
  • Perform (voice): +3
  • Profession (guide): +6
  • Ride: +1
  • Sense Motive: +7
  • Spellcraft: +2
  • Stealth: +14 (smirk)
  • Survival: +9
  • Swim: +5
  • Use Rope: +1

Lineage, because I can bore you all to death.

Loranys Aela Rowyn Arumana Trickfoot, after building her shrine to Ehlonna and starting a school for clerics of her goddess, adopted Leegia Ellianth Arget Jolie Foxsinger. Leegia, as she was known to family and friends, decided to follow in her adopted mother’s steps and became a cleric of Ehlonna. Eventually, she married Kaerenn Narow Pholan Sonas Mikerf Trickfoot, a distant cousin of Rowyn who had moved to Farshore in search of the legendary Trickfoot, Rowyn. This branch of Trickfoots had never taken part in the Rogues’ Guild of Rowyn’s family, but had settled in the wildlands to the east, preferring to isolate the gnome culture rather than integrate it with other societies.

Leegia and Pholan had three children. Their oldest is Dincallar Igan Colmer Herlseg Trickfoot. Igan became a cleric of Heironeous, and married Ceolwe Sunnga Malilli Janneb Silverspinner. Malilli came from a clan of gnomes that recently joined the church of Quetzalcoatl, and had been warmly received by the Olman community. Some gnomes, like Malilli, adopted names that honored the Olman culture. Igan and Malilli had two children: Chitlehu Khoren Wilac Dalgo Trickfoot and Mingar Altzin Camaxi Durin Thamse Trickfoot. Khoren is a wizard and Camaxi is a ranger.

Khoren recently married Liann Burgwe Eloxochin Tinali Sira Ironmoon. Camaxi is courting Toteotina Phelia Chimbo Nalye Whispergem.

The second child of Leegia and Pholan is Antilly Franhe Dergal Anthan Riela Ashspring. Antilly became a cleric of Ehlonna, like her mother and grandmother, and married fairly young for a gnome. She married Feras Riffin Tharkun Leovad Ashspring, and has two children, Wena Elselis Saroaen Brione Ashpringl and Lahfri Andefurl Thenry Ingod Ashpring, both unmarried. Wena is a cleric of Ehlonna, and Thenry is a paladin of Heironeous.

The third child of Leegia and Pholan is Odvar Calem Fineli Leeg Trickfoot. Calem was the most troublesome of the three children. His capricious nature and curiosity brought him closest to his ancestors. In such a way, he became a bard, and wanted to travel the world, telling epic stories (particularly the one of his grandmother and her friends). He was very popular at the Greenbottle Tavern, and often performed as a dancer there. When Kyo came for a visit, Calem decided to take his show on the road, and left with the spiritfolk to travel for a while. While in [mainland], he met a gnoman rogue named Peone Mimay Celia Gilmithrie Brightstrider. The two fell in, well, “like” very quickly, and Gilmithrie joined Calem on his travels. It was soon after this that Calem returned to Farshore, and Gilmithrie with him. She instantly loved the thriving community in all its vivacity and variety. She decided to make Farshore her home, and she and Calem started courting officially. A few years later, Calem was itching to leave again, but Gilmithrie was satisfied with her life in Farshore. Before Calem left, they were married. He left a few days later, not realizing that Gilmithrie was pregnant. When he returned ten years later, he was surprised to meet his daughter, Rowena Aela Chalcedoney Tianztlina Trickfoot. Calem was thrilled, and he dearly loves Aela, but he continued to travel a lot, seemingly unable to settle down.

Aela’s parents:

NOW for her backstory:

Aela was mostly raised by her mother, but grew up as the baby of a large family-community. She is determined and curious, constantly asking questions. If no one answers her, she sets off to find the answer herself. She loves people, regardless of species or age, and pretty much gets along with everyone. When she was fairly young, no one answered her question about where Ehlonna came from. So, Aela decided she would go looking for the goddess and ask her herself. She set off into the jungle by herself (she was only 20 at the time), and was amazed by the nature around her. Eventually, she did get lost, but this did not phase Aela one bit. She was enjoying herself too much. She came to a stop at the temple of Quetzacoatl, where Ranu-Yani, a family friend, found her. Ranu-Yani brought her back to Farshore, where her family explained where Ehlonna came from, where she lived, and other important things about the goddess. From that point on, they generally agreed it was better to answer her questions than to brush them off.

Aela when she went on her trip:Aela

Her trip through the jungle caused Aela to become very interested in the ways of nature, and she approached Ranu-Yani one day soon after her trek. “I want to be a druid!” she exclaimed. With her family’s permission, Aela began instruction as a druid.

For a long time, ever since she started her lessons, Aela has had a major crush on Cotzcoatli Riapa Tanqui Thohand Silverspinner (called Tanqui for short), a ranger of the gnome clan that joined the Olman society. They are the same age, and trained their animal companions together. In addition to meeting Tanqui, she also made another good friend when she was training Centehua (current cheetah companion). Teoti, an Olman ranger, was training her thylacine, Huacan. She and Aela hung out a lot, despite the difference in their ages.

Speaking of animal companions, when Aela was exploring the jungle looking for Ehlonna, an extremely regal cheetah approached her. She wasn’t used to seeing the big cat up close, and she wasn’t used to seeing them strut like that. The cheetah walked right up to her, with something in her mouth, and lowered her head expectantly. Aela was confused, but she thought she understood, so she put her hand out to catch whatever it was. The cheetah dropped a small hare into her hands, freshly killed. The actual body of the hare repulsed the girl, but she appreciated the gesture. Aela put the hare into her bag, and the cheetah nuzzled her. Then, the cat picked Aela up by her collar and brought her to her cave, where four cubs were waiting for her return. The infants were still too small to move around properly, so the mother, after depositing Aela near the wall, brought her babies to the girl. Three of them were apprehensive about the gnome, but one stumbled right over into her lap, and began purring. Aela was delighted, and petted the cub. The mother started chirping at the others, who eventually warmed up to her, but always flinched whenever Aela tried to touch them. She stayed there overnight, but the next morning, mother and cubs were gone. She wandered around (after removing the dead hare from her bag), trying to find the cheetah, but she was nowhere to be found. Aela felt sad about not seeing her new friend, but she soon found other interesting things to take her mind off of it.

Once she began training as a druid, and Ranu-Yani told her about her animal companion, Aela knew she wanted a cheetah. She went back to that same cave and found another cheetah there, raising her small cubs. This cheetah was not as regal as the other, but very forward. She came right up to Aela and rubbed against her. Up close, Aela recognized on of the markings on the cheetah’s legs as the cub who she met several years ago. Ranu-Yani helped her finalize the bond between the two, and showed Aela how to raise cheetah cubs, so that they would not suffer while their mother trained. She named the cheetah Malmalinche. After about ten years, Malmalinche was quite old, and Aela let her spend her last few years as a true cheetah. She chose her next animal companion from among Malmalinche’s cubs. She named her new companion Centehua.

Animal Companion:
Aela s ac

Centehua is the daughter of Malmalinche, who is the daughter of Ilochin, the cheetah who found and protected Aela in the jungle. She met Aela when she was very young, as her mother was still her animal companion at the time of her birth. She was not in Malmalinche’s first litter, nor her last, but she was in one of two litters born during Malmalinche’s time as Aela’s animal companion. Because she was raised by both Malmalinche and Aela, Centehua learned several things about being an animal companion before she was selected from her brothers and sisters.

Five years ago, Aela decided she had better start looking for another animal companion, as Malmalinche was getting older. Centehua wanted to be near the young girl, somewhat because she was a good source of shelter and food, but mostly because she was interesting. Her sister and two brothers didn’t really want to step up, because being around Aela was very tiring. But Centehua didn’t mind. She liked Aela’s enthusiasm. She also didn’t mind when Aela hugged her (quite an uncomfortable position) when she was scared or sad. So, it was no surprise when Aela chose Centehua to be her next animal companion. She trained Centehua side-by-side with Malmalinche for a year, so that Centehua would have an example to follow, and then Aela released Malmalinche from their bond. This was hard for Aela, and she visited Malmalinche often, but Centehua’s training took up a lot of her time. There were times when she found it easier to transform into a cheetah to communicate what she wanted Centehua to do.

Aela grew up to be very caring and thoughtful of others, but sometimes a little too enthusiastic in her show of affection. She sometimes acts a little domineering, but she means well, and views herself as the “maternal” type. (MBTI: ENFJ)

And now, for picspam!!
That is Aela being a druid. Sort of. She doesn’t quite look like that, but you get the picture.

That’s Aela with Tanqui, who’s not actually that tall.

Aela and older Rowyn
Well, she’s supposed to be older Rowyn, but they don’t really let you age them in doll makers.

Aela Trickfoot

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