Callias Vanderboren

A sly swashbuckler with a charming fa├žade


Basic Information

Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler 10
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 20
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 122 lb
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.
Languages: Common, Olman

STR: 8 (-1)
DEX: 17 (3)
CON: 13 (1)
INT: 10 (0)
WIS: 9 (-1)
CHA: 15 (2)

Combat Statistics

Hit Points: 60 (d10)
Armor Class: 20
Touch Armor Class: 13
Flatfooted Armor Class: 17
Initiative: + 3
Base Attack Bonus: + 10/+ 5
Grapple: + 9

Fortitude Save: + 8
Reflex Save: + 6
Will Save: + 4


  • Weapon Finesse
  • Improved Critical
  • Iron Will
  • Dodge
  • Mobility

Class Abilities (Swashbuckler)

  • Grace + 1
  • Insightful Strike
  • Acrobatic Charge
  • Improved Flanking
  • Dodge Bonus + 2


Appraise: 0
Balance: 3
Bluff: 3
Climb: 2
Concentration: 1
Craft (rope): 1
Diplomacy: 6
Disguise: 2
Escape Artist: 4
Forgery: 0
Gather Information: 3
Heal: -1
Hide: 3
Intimidate: 2
Jump: 3
Knowledge (nobility): 1
Listen: 2
Move Silently: 5
Profession (merchant): 3
Ride: 3
Search: 3
Sense Motive: 5
Spot: 5
Survival: 2
Swim: 3
Tumble: 3
Use Rope: 2


Enhanced Masterwork Rapier

image by Raverunner

  • 8,320 gp
  • Damage 1d6
  • Attack Bonus + 1
  • Enhancement Bonus +2
  • Critical 15-20/x2
  • Weight 2 lb.
  • Piercing

Masterwork Dagger

image by Xelyn114

  • 302 gp
  • Damage 1d4
  • Attack Bonus + 1
  • Critical 17-20/x2
  • Range 10 ft.
  • Weight 1 lb.
  • Piercing or slashing
  • + 2 Sleight of Hand checks to conceal on body


Enhanced Masterwork Leather Armor

image by Lagueuse

  • 16,160 gp
  • Armor Bonus + 7
  • Maximum Dex Bonus + 5
  • Armor Check Penalty + 1
  • Arcane Spell Failure Chance 15%
  • Speed 30 ft. = 30 ft.
  • Weight 15 lb.
  • Don and Remove 1 min.
  • Don Hastily 5 rounds


Glove of Storing: 10,000 gp (1 glove), 20 lb capacity

image by missmonster

Bag of Holding (Type I) | 2,500 gp | 15 lb | capacity 250 lb | 30 cubic ft.

image by warrioronlydude


  • Bedroll | 1 sp | 5 lb
  • Flask | 3 cp | 1 1/2 lb
  • Flint and steel | 1 gp | 0 lb
  • Grappling hook | 1 gp | 4 lb
  • Rope, hempen (50 ft.) | 1 gp | 10 lb
  • Soap (per lb) | 5 sp | 1 lb
  • Spyglass | 1,000 gp | 1 lb
  • Waterskin | 1 gp | 4 lb
  • Antitoxin | 50 gp | 0 lb
  • Everburning torch | 110 gp | 1 lb
  • Artisan’s tools, masterwork | 55 gp | 5 lb
  • Climber’s kit | 80 gp | 5 lb
  • Pickle Extractor | 0 gp | 0 lb
  • Cure Light Wounds | 50 gp each | .1 lb each | 10 total

Items on body:

Pouch, belt (empty) | 1 gp | 1/2 lb

image by w176

Signet ring | 5 gp | 0 lb

image by deMaglie

Carrying Capacity

  • Light Load: 26 lb or less
  • Medium Load: 27-53 lb
  • Heavy Load: 54-80 lb
  • Weapons and Armor: 18 lb
  • Glove of Storing: 15 lb
  • Other Gear: 1/2 lb
  • Total in Bag: 53 1/2 lb
  • Total Felt: 18 1/2 lb
  • Absolute Total: 87 lb


  • 9,912 gp
  • 3 sp
  • 7 cp

Hundreds of years have passed since Lavinia Vanderboren joined with a band of heroes to defeat the demon lord Demagorgon, and the Vanderboren family has grown and expanded generation by generation. As the family grew, so did the town of Farshore, which has since become a roaring port city for their number one product, airships. These ships were invented by the late Lord Edwin Vanderboren, former ruler of Farshore. Since then, his grandson Fritz Vanderboren has taken his place as ruler of Farshore and eccentric inventor.

Lesser known than Edwin was his brother, Avander. While Edwin inherited the brains of the family, Avander gained the brawn. Under his older brother, Avander became a military leader of Farshore. His life revolved around the Farshore military, until he married his wife, Camecca Aejo. Together, they had one son, Solon Vanderboren, whom Avander hoped would follow in his footsteps.

Solon, however, found that his talents lay outside the military. He found that he had an innate understanding of the arcane, and instead of becoming a warrior as his father was, he trained in the arts of sorcery. Solon enjoyed travel, and on one of his journeys, he encountered his future wife, Sofia Moonweaver. Sofia was trained in magic as well, and shared with Solon a thirst for knowledge.

Solon and Sofia had three children: Callias, Philyra, and Carolos. They hoped that each of their children would also develop a taste for the arcane, while maintaining the civility and nobility they were expected to possess as members of a noble family. They were so pleased to find that Callias excelled in diplomacy, both in daily life and in combat, that they allowed and encouraged her fencing training, though her tendencies were not towards magic as they had hoped. Philyra showed an acute interest in tales told in the form of song, and they were delighted when she displayed arcane tendencies as well; they were pleased to have a bard in the family. Carolos, the youngest and their only son, showed promise with both militaristic and magical talents. However, he seemed to have a propensity for getting himself into trouble, which was strange based on his typically quiet and well-behaved manner. However, Callias and Philyra witnessed him fly into a seemingly unwarranted rage and start an awful brawl, after which he became quiet again, and seemed horrified at what he had done. Philyra recalled a tale of a famous hexblade who acted in much the same way, and the sisters realized the path their brother had to take. It was not long before he left Farshore, ashamed by the evil he believed he brought on his family. Philyra journeyed off as well, wishing to see more of the world and to learn more songs to bring back with her. Callias remained in Farshore, seeing no reason to leave a place to which she was so accustomed and in which she held a high standing.


Callias has always enjoyed the life of nobility. She enjoys the civility it brings, all the while knowing that underneath the surface, people are not as polite as they may seem. Mind games are what she enjoys the most, though she believes that those who are most skilled in these do not need magic to aid them in bending people to their will. Charisma and wit are what she most enjoys to manipulate people. She always projects an air of warmth and friendliness, unless she is shown open hostility to the point where there is nothing left to do but return it. This being said, she enjoys hostilities that remain below the surface the best, and enjoys a good battle of intellects that occurs while smiles and manners remain. She does like to play by the rules, but if someone else plays dirty, she believes it is just as fair for her to play dirty as well. What cannot be settled in diplomatic discussion, to whatever degree it reaches, she will allow to be settled in duels, which she will readily accept, though she prefers to keep things verbal instead of physical- outside the bedroom, that is.


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Callias Vanderboren

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