Please, call me Kira.


Ancient Silver Dragon (801)
Cleric 1 / Sacred Warder of Bahamut 1
CR 25


In her natural form, Kira is a gigantic silver dragon with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, and a holy symbol of Bahamut worn proudly about her neck.

When she takes on humanoid form, as she often does to interact with people, she usually takes on the form of a pretty silver-haired moon-elf woman. When dispensing especially meaningful prophecies, she wears a taller, imposing human form, with the white mask worn historically by prophets and oracles.

BG & Personality

A clone of the dragon adventurer Lashonna, and the reincarnation of Lashonna’s soul, Kira was made by the draconic vampire Seurodis to spy on the band of adventurers known as The Duke’s Hand. However, this was all unknown to her, and when Seurodis’s soul was set free, Kira stayed with her “big sis”, the half-elf cleric Loor, and dedicated herself to the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut.

Now, 800 years later, Kira’vax’ir’thurkear is a well-known healer and protector, with untold skills of prophecy and divination. Her alignment strays from the Lawful Good normally expected of silver dragons, but her quirky, irreverent nature has won her many friends. She has many smaller lairs spread all over the Planes, and very rarely stays long in one place, as her visions and prophecies send her all over the world, doing inscrutable, mysterious things only she and certain divine beings can truly understand, but that always lead to the greater good. It is often difficult to get ahold of her, but don’t worry, if you need it, she will find you. She recently entered the “Ancient” age category, and is honestly not sure how to feel about it. Ask her again in a few decades.

300 years ago, she adventured with a group of heroes now known as the Companions of the Pearl, and aided in the slaying of the foul demon Demogorgon.

(Also, dragons accumulate more names over time, as they age)


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