A reformed cleric


Race: Gnome
Class: Cleric

  • Deity: Ehlonna
    Alignment: LG

Str: 10
Dex: 17
Con: 12
Int: 14
Wis: 17 (periapt of wisdom = 21)
Cha: 14


Rowyn, in her prime, was a blond, blue-eyed gnome standing at about 3’4". She first trained as a rogue in a commune of … questionable society. Due to a conflict of morals, Rowyn was forced to flee for her life, and fled to an abbey dedicated to Ehlonna in Sasserine. There, she learned the ways of a cleric, as a cover for her to escape the notice of her former employers.

40 years passed, and Rowyn spotted her former mentor, Leeg, in town. He spotted her, and showed her mercy, urging her to run. She did just that, and signed up to help start a new colony in Farshore, on the Isle of Dread. On her journey there, she met the adventurers Aldi, Chastity, Kyo, Ranu-Yani, and Torra.

Along with the afore-mentioned adventurers, Rowyn successfully stopped the production of Shadow Pearls and defeated Demogorgon. During this adventure, she learned that the members of her former commune, the closest thing she had to a family, had been forced to work for the Crimson Fleet, the organization in charge of the Shadow Pearls, and had been turned into demons. Rowyn could not bring herself to kill Leeg, so she banished him to the Abyss. The other former gnomes, though, she was capable of killing. After this, she decided to completely dedicate her life to Ehlonna, to stop Demogorgon from creating any more unnatural beings from the innocent.

Later, in the Abyss, Rowyn and the party came across Leeg, pinned to a wall to die a long, tortuous death with his organs exposed. She put him out of his misery with her special dagger, and Leeg infused said dagger with the spirits of the gnomes, enraged at the wrongs that had been done to them. They wanted to help destroy the one who had mutated them. And so they did.

Once Demogorgon was slain, Rowyn travelled to the river Lethe, where she immersed the Dagger of Lost Souls. It dissolved in the waters, and in doing so, released the souls of her deceased comrades.

Rowyn returned to Farshore to set up a church of Ehlonna, with the help of Ranu-Yani. She and Father Ferres started a school adjunct with Aldi’s monastery, to train clerics. Ten years later, a young gnome girl named Leegia came to Farshore, the reincarnation of Leeg. Rowyn adopted the girl, and made her her heir.

Rowyn’s family continued to grow, and she is now a grandmother to three, and a great-grandmother to ten.


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