A Rokugani nature spirit trying to find his path in life


Race: * Half Shen Lung Spiritfolk
30ft Land, 30 ft Swim, 15 ft Fly
Alignment CG
Class: (Lvl 7) Lvl 5 Ranger, Lvl 2 Warlock
AC: 10+3+4+4= 21

(1spare point)
STR: 15
DEX: 16
*INT: * 18
*WIS: * 7
*CON: * 16
*CHA: * 16

Base Attack Bonus: 6/1

~Eldrich Blast: 1d6, 60ft Ray
Spell Level= Warlock levels/2

~Quarterstaff ( 1 / +1 )
Two-sided weapon, 1d6
1 damage on each end, Bludgeoning.

~Trident (impaling)
1d8 damage, Piercing, 10ft reach, 3/day can declare an attack a touch attack

~Scimitar ( +1 to attack)(One is Frost Burst one is Shocking Burst) usually dual wielded
1d6 +1d6 (frost or Shock) damage, +1d10 (frost or shock)on crits slashing, crits on 18-20

Other Actions of Note

~ Lightning Kimono:
3 charges/day, creates an electrical field around the body that deals electricity damage to attackers attacking with natural or nonreach weapons.
1 charge: 2d6 damage
2 charges: 3d6 damage
3 Charges: 4d6 electricity damage

~ Boots of Speed
As a Free action, can activate the haste ability for up to 10 (not necessarily consecutive) rounds each day.
Haste: +1 to attack rolls, +1 to dodge bonus to AC, +1 to reflex saves.
all movement speeds increase by 30ft/round.
As a full attack action, can make an additional attack with any weapon(s) that are in use, at full BaB.

~ Combat Expertise: When you use the attack action or the full attack action in melee, you can take a penalty of as much as -5 on your attack roll and add the same number (+5 or less) as a dodge bonus to your Armor Class. This number may not exceed your base attack bonus. The changes to attack rolls and Armor Class last until your next action.

~ Dodge: designate an opponent and receive a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks from that opponent. You can select a new opponent on any action.

Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +4
Will: +3

Decipher Script~
Diplomacy~ +4
Sense Motive~
Bluff~ 5
Knowledge: Nature~
Knowledge: Ettiquite~3
Knowledge: Planes~ +7
Knowledge: dungeoneering~
Knowledge: Geography~5
Knowledge: Arcana~
Perform (Dance)~5

  • Class abilities: *
    Warlock Invocations:
    ~Awesome Blow(Least): Melee attack also channels Eldrich Blast
    ~ Beguiling influence(Least): +6 to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate
    Detect Magic at will
    Wild Empathy
    Combat style: 2 weapon fighting

Animal Companion:


Name: Nameraka (smooth)
16 HP
7 to initiative
Speed: 20ft ground, 20ft Climb, 20ft swim
AC: 19
Attacks: Bite
4 : 1d2+2 + poison (1d6 Con, 10DC)
Fort: +2, Ref: +5, Will: +1

Special Abilities

Weather Telling (based on Knowledge Nature)
Water Fire: when touching water, can summon fires that burn opponents touching him. Goes out if there is real fire.
Immune to electricity and Poison, sleep, paralysis
Vulnerable to Fire
+3 to saves vs fire
Darkvision 60ft
Low Light vision
+8 to Swim
Spirit subtype (Can be banished/summoned, cant be effected by humanoid specific spells, but can be by spirit specific spells)
Water Subtype (any undead raising warlock abilities instead raise water constructs)
Dragon Type

Combat Expertise
Mobility: +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks of opportunity
Weapon Focus: Scimitar

~ Lightning Kimono:
A Blue men’s kimono with a lightning bolt pattern. Very stylish, Very practical.

~ Boots of Speed
Light brass boots with pearl inlays and stylistic elements with a wind motif.

~ Trident (Impaling)
A sharp, strangely made trident

Quarterstaff (1/1)
A wooden quarterstaff

Scimitar x2 (Frost and Shock burst)
A twin set of scimitars, similarly decorated. One has a design of the Thunder Dragon on it’s hilt and blade, roaring down, and crackles with electricity. The other has a depiction of Ryuujin’s majesty Roaring up from a roiling sea, and exudes the cold of a chill ocean night.

Mithral shirt (+4 to AC)


~Survival Pouch: 5/day
can reach into the pouch and pull out an item: (Tent and two medium-sized bedrolls,2 gallons of water in a waterskein, trail rations for a day for a med creature , 50ft coil of hempen rope, shovel, campfire (or 5 one-hour torches), Composite +1str shortbow with 20 arrows, or a mule with a bit, saddle, and saddlebags)

1655 GP

Spirit Tongue


After she helped to save the world as a Hero of the Pearl, Kyo decided that she had found her calling. She was already in a unique position as half mortal and half spirit, and was even more so by having exposure to Rokugani and Eastern customs.
Her natural inclination to balance these things led her to suggest that she take on the role of International/interplanar diplomat in the spirit bureaucracy to ease the interactions between the two different lands and pantheons as trade of culture and goods occurs.
She applied herself to this, using her skills gained in travel to augment her ability to keep the world in balance.
She had many homes, one with her father in the spirit realm, and one in farshore, and various wayhouses in other regions and realms.
At some point, she gained a travelling companion, Calem. Calem was a descendant of one of her friends, Rowyn a gnome she held especially close to her heart. The two travelled together on her missions to other planes and countries, and he helped to ease the frustration she occasionally felt with the rigid structures of the Spirit bureaucracy and the small mindedness she encountered throughout the material world.

Eventually, her job was accepted due to the growing necessity of interplanar balancing and the need for a person of her unique expertise, and she became an official part of the spirit bureaucracy. A marriage was arranged between her and a Shen Lung Courtier by the name of Hikari-Azaykana-Kirameku no Sukeru (Brilliant Light Shimmering Scales or something along those lines), and within a reasonable amount of time, considering that they are both busy people and dragon gestation is rather long, their first child was born. Her Son, Taiyokaze (Sun-Wind) was under serious scrutiny from the moment he was born, as he was a rare 3/4 spirit and the Bureaucracy has very few-no idea of what to do with him.
When he was 54 years old, just entering prepubescence, she had her second child, a daughter who she named Junsui-ni-sekinin (Purely Responsible) in a sly attempt to name one of her children after Lavinia Vanderboren, since the use of Eastern names would have been greatly frowned upon. Her next child, A boy, occurring 35 years later, was named Yusha-Uchikinako (Brave-Bashful child), a reference to another hero of the pearl, Derse. Her youngest was born 17 years before the current time, a boy she named Omoiyariko (Thoughtful child).
Due to the travelling nature of her job, the four were often left at their father or grandfather’s home in the spirit realm while she went off to planes far and wide to maintain the careful balance of the world. Of the four, only Taiyokaze has ever been taken outside of Rokugan, and only he and his sister have been outside of the spirit realm.
Kyo’s travels continued.

Taiyokaze, or TK as he is sometimes playfully referred to among those that don’t consider it to be incredibly rude to shorten names, was raised in an environment that was both comfortable and uncomfortable. Comfortable, in that the spirit nannies of his father’s mansion took very good care of him and he didn’t really want for anything. Uncomfortable in that, as the eldest and as a rare 3/4 spirit, he was under intense scrutiny and subject to high expectations. As he grew, he evolved distinct talents: He was intelligent and loved to learn new things and know about things, He communicated well with animals and even took a water snake as a pet and companion, He could do courtly things like dance and speak smoothly, and he was not a bad hand with a sword. Those handling his case could not figure out if that meant that he would be a scholar, a nature guardian, a courtier like his father, or a warrior. Even as he grew older, these abilities seemed present in almost equal measure. He simply seemed like a jack of all trades, and those sorts of people were not accounted for by the system.
When he was younger, the equivalent of 6, his mother, on one of her sporadic visits home, took him with her on a trip to Farshore. her hope was to expose him to eastern ways, in part to prevent him from being as closed minded as many of the spirits around him and in part to see if such exposure would help one or the other of his talents shine through.
There, he met a celadrin by the name of Karida, a descendant of another of the Heros of the Pearl, and a girl of about his age. They hit it off immediately, as in they were rivals pretty much from the instant they met, starting with a kicking and goblet-throwing fight over dinner.
he stayed in Farshore for a time with his mother, and the rivalry between him and Karida grew deep roots.
He was then returned home, where he continued his studies and maturation. Even as he approached the age where he would be required to have a job, his myriad talents persistently resisted categorization. As he approached the age of 115, it was decided to send him East, in the renewed hope that foreign exposure might help to indicate just where to place him in the beurocracy. Or, better yet, imply that foreign matters could be his job.
He returned to Farshore with his mother again, nearly a century after he had been there the first time, and participated in a party being held at the Vanderboren mansion. His mother, remembering his old rivalry and being somewhat mischevious in her old age, made sure to set him up with his old rival, Kanoa, just to watch the sparks fly before having to leave the party herself to deal with diplomatic matters in some far off land.
Sparks certainly did fly.
After doing what most other people do when interacting with Kanoa (IE: Sleep with her), he realized just who she was. The competitive rivalry and tension between the two was reborn, stronger than ever.
He doesn’t feel like returning home yet, so he has been staying in Farshore doing ‘productive’ things and generally whatever he wants to.

(Family overview:
Self: Taiyokaze (Sun-Wind) 118 years old, CG, A young ‘man’ of many talents that persistently refuses to be pidgeonholed
Grandfather: Some unpronouncable name no Umi, TC
Mother: Kyo the Keen Eyed, one of the Heros of the pearl and an interplanar diplomat for the spirit beurocracy, NG
Father: Hikari-Azaykana-Kirameku no Sukeru, a Shen Lung Courtier, LN
Sister: Junsui-ni-sekinin (Purely Responsible) 67 years old , LN. A blossoming Shugenja
Brother: Yusha-Uchikinako (Brave-Bashful child) 32 years old , Possibly CN. He seems to have an interest in their grandfather’s pearl gardens. He keeps an eye on Omoiyariko.
Brother: Omoiyariko (Thoughtful Child) 17 years old, ??. This toddler tends to follow Yusha around. His personality and talents are still developing and are, as such, subject to change )

TK generally does whatever the heck he wants to do, in the most polite and well spoken way possible.
He is generally quite social and courteous.
His favorite things to do are mild flirting, practicing his blade-dancing, Taking care of his snake Nameraka, reading books, and doing simple physical things that make him feel useful.
He likes good food, camping trips, and the color blue.

He does not like to drink alcohol as he has inherited a high sensitivity to alcohol and he is well aware that drunkenness would impede his politeness.

He is not USUALLY extremely promiscuous, though he is a multiplanarsexual flirt… however, Kanoa brings out the worst aspects of his competitive nature.
He tends to act argumentative and childish towards and around her.


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